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Our Story

The What?

We are a group of farmers, engineers and visionaries growing pesticide free food hyperlocally in-between residential populations without the use of sun and soil.

We deploy an efficient version of hydroponics (the method of growing plants in a nutrient rich water solution) in indoor farms growing over 30 varieties of leafy greens and berries while saving nearly 90% water and 95% land than traditional soil farming.

The Why?

Because we hate chemical-laden food.
Because we want consistent produce.
Because there isn't Plan(et B).

We have to feed over 9 billion people by 2050 on arable land that is shrinking daily due to soil-erosion and fresh water wastage.
Add to it the adverse effect of global warming and we are on the verge of a food-shortage catastrophe.

We enable decentralization of food production and distribution by growing closer to the consumption thereby reducing long haul travel
of food minimizing carbon miles and rot. This also enables us to deliver to the consumer in less than 12 hours of harvest.

No soil = No pests. No pests = No pesticides. Our entire produce is 100% chemical free and we ensure that the end consumer gets nothing
but the most nutritious food.

Since we can procreate the exact environment a plant needs to grow, we can literally grow anything, anywhere!
Re-imagining food production in farms like ours can give us consistent quality and quantity of food all year round.

The How?

We use a stream of nutrient rich water instead of soil to grow our plants. Since the roots get direct access to the nutrients, the plants grow bigger, faster!

We mimic the sun by using a special formulated light recipe. Our LED lights contain the exact spectrums that the plant needs to perform photosynthesis, optimally.

We use "Controlled Environment Agriculture" and maintain all parameters and variables like temperature, humidity etc that are best suited for the plants.