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Welcome To The Next Version Of Farming!

We are in an attempt to modernize the agriculture sector using advanced growing technology and automation by growing plants without soil and sun, using hydroponics as the base.

We grow vertically, indoors and in a high-density controlled environment setup. This enables us to produce 200X more than conventional soil agriculture by using just 10% of the water and use of ZERO pesticides and insecticides.

We Are Growing For You & The Planet!

With a requirement to feed over 9 billion people by 2050 with less than 40% usable land, we believe that vertical farming is the answer.

We grow our food among the population in warehouses, thereby bringing the production next to the consumption. This ensures extremely low carbon miles with food not being sent over long hauls. It also enables us to deliver food the day it is harvested.

We collect multiple data points daily and use them to build “growing algorithms” which help us to predict the exact taste, texture and freshness of the crop which future-proofs the consistency of growing.

We have optimised our growing system to grow the best, most nutritious food while having the least envrionmental impact.


We use hydroponics to give the roots of the plant the necessary nutrion, water and oxygen while using 90% less water and land than traditional soil farming.


We use LED lights to create specific light recipes for specific plants giving them the exact spectrum, intensity and frequency they need for photosynthesis in the most energy efficient way possible.


We constantly monitor the macro and micro nutrients given to our plants enabling them to grow bigger and faster than soil farming while making sure that year round crop growth is consistent.


We make sure that our farms are highly customizable to future-proof the needs of the local population in terms of capacity and variety.


What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in nutrient rich water. The nutrient rich water is stored in a sump tank and is pumped into long channels that act as growing medium for plants. The water is a continuous stream and flows in from one end of the long channel and flows out of the other end.

Since the plant roots can absorb nutrients almost directly from the water (with no hindrance of soil), the plants grow faster and healthier.

The special grow lights contain only the spectrum that plants need for photosynthesis, thereby negating the use of the Sun in the process.

Hydroponics uses less than 90% water than in conventional farming techniques and less than 80% land.

Year Round Growing

Indoor controlled agriculture ensures year long fresh yield.

2x Growth Rate

Plants get nutrients directly, so yield is higher.

Zero Soil

Enables to grow anything and anywhere.

Fresh Produce

Can grow in the middle of the city to deliver freshest produce.

No Pesticides

No soil means no pests/ insects which equals to no pesticides.

Grow Vertical

Less than 10% of land usage than conventional farming.

What Do We Grow?

Leafy Green Vegetables & Herbs

We grow multiple variety of Lettuce, Basil, Chard, Mint and other herbs.


15 types of Microgreens including Carrot, BukChoi, Radish, Sunflower etc. Microgreens contain 40x the nutrional value than fully grown plants.

Edible Flowers

We grow multiple colours of Narsturtium edible flowers.